a little finish of 2014

The last part of 2014 in Thailand 🙂IMG_5830Collages1Wordpress 20151 Pala U is a national park on the Burmese/Thai border full of waterfalls and swim spots.  Nine of us packed ourselves into the back of a tuk-tuk, drank a few beers, and spent the day at this beautiful swimming hole.  The fish were huge and I had fun throwing fish food at who ever was in the water so the fish would swarm them! IMG_6117-002 Wordpress 20152 The temple at Khao Takiab is my absolute favorite!  Each time I go I discover something different.  My friend, Helen, introduced me to the “Buddha Cemetery” which is the home to fallen Buddha (and other religious) statues – because – of course – they cannot be thrown away!

Wordpress 20155Wordpress 20156 Friendsgiving was a fun experience – I attempted to introduce a little American group dinner with people from Norway, Malaysia, Indonesia, The United States, Slovakia, and Thailand!IMG_6210

Wordpress 20153Helen from Norway, Bao from Minnesota, Aisha from Malaysia, and I all danced bollywood style together for our college “culture night”.  I’m an absolutely terrible dancer but I’m grateful for the experience and the girls!


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