Monkeys, Caves, and Boat Rides

The past few weeks have steered me in the direction of kayaking, hiking, and boating.  Although I have spent a lot of time locked in my room [sulking from culture shock] I do also have a highlight reel to display!  A few things I want to describe which I don’t have pictures of are the night markets!  The night markets I’ve been to so far (about 5 or so different ones) have been full of gourmet food, local art, toys, “black market” branded items, pets, live music, costume jewelry, electronics, etc. etc.  The more upscale “Cicada” market (just in case anyone plans on coming to Hua Hin) had such a sultry jazz band playing, romantic lighting, and a very “island” relaxed vibe.  I wandered through Cicada market drinking “Thai orange juice” (it’s made with green mandarins, added sugar I’m sure, and “green lemons” or limes in English) which is the best tasting orange juice I’ve ever had!  I wandered around and browsed through boutique style clothes, accessories, and eventually made my way home.  A few of the other markets around Hua Hin are less expensive, and definitely strike home for a girl like me who is obsessed with trinkets!  My favorite discovery at the night market is the Roti or Rotee (I’ve seen it spelled both ways)!  Rotee is a Thai adapted street food consisting essentially of fried dough with toppings.  I cannot get enough!

boat rides monkeys-001


boat rides monkeys3

boat rides monkeys2-001

boat rides monkeys1




forest park


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