Khao Takiab

After two long hauling days of lectures full accounting and politics I decided to treat myself to a little trip to “Monkey Mountain” Khao Takiab.  I hopped on the city bus and was dropped off at an empty beach with a mountain side temple… full of monkeys!  Although I was warned that the monkey’s steal your stuff – I didn’t realize I had entered monkey territory (yet) – and a big monkey came flying at me trying to steal my coffee!  I’ve never screamed so loud in public before – so startling!  I observed the monkeys for a while and although blogging is meant for words – I believe pictures do this much more justice. The way the babies cling onto their mothers and play….. truly incredible!  This is a species whose absolute main purpose is nurturing one another.  I also hope that, although these photos are beautiful and this is a subjective personal experience, I can portray Thailand as objective as possible, with photos of real people and real living conditions……………  Enjoy!


Monkey Mountain Redo4

Monkey Mountain Redo

Monkey Mountain Redo1

Monkey Mountain Redo2

Monkey Mountain Redo3


One thought on “Khao Takiab

  1. Hi Taylor, I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying following your Blog. The photos are amazing. I love your description of the monkey stealing your coffee. Not exactly a normal visit to Starbucks. You are most definitely in our thoughts. Take care and I look forward to your next Blog entry. Love, Judy

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